Illustration Time

This year has been tough for everybody. I found myself devoted to my artwork and that has been a great therapy. I have to say I am grateful for the creative inspiration that the cosmic energy has given me. And also thankful to mother earth for taking care of soothing my soul with beautiful sights, scents and colors. I love up-cycling materials and objects as part of reducing my carbon footprint and create artwork wit them. However through the years I have used most of those materials I accumulated. Also I have been chang

ing my consuming habits and recycling methods. Now days I hardly create non earth friendly waste. While most people know me by the up-cycled materials textural work, I decided to put that on pause this past year due to the pandemic. There wil be time for that again soon. Whith that in mind, I was so happy to branch out through digital art. Digital Art provides me with a more effective way to reduced my carbon footprint.

This pandemic help me concentrate more on my digital work and therefore Illustrations.

Most of my Illustrations are influenced by the Mid Century Modern Style. I find it stylish.

Be on the look for my new work and illustrations, Some are bizarre and based on previous characters. And of course animals are a recurring thing with me.

Keep on eating art.

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