Creating Music

As an artist, I feel the need to experiment with new mediums to express myself.

So besides being able to saw, I also have been creating music. Now, let's be clear, I am not a composer, neither a musician. I did take some piano lessons for two years when I was 12. Well it was mostly introduced to me by my parents, but I actually enjoyed it. Still that doesn't make me a professional musician. Not even close! But with the new technology available to us now days, most everything is nearly possible.

So I have been doing this since 2001, when I bought my first music software. Again, this is just drag and drop beats, samples, etc. So is kinda cheating because it is so simple. But you must have creativity and know a bit about how music is constructed in order to achieve a good composition.

One time when I had my studio in Houston, I decided to get portable CD players (yes, back in 2002) Very few MP3 players back then. Anyway, I created some music and added dialog for each individual piece on display and added headphones for each person to listen in comfort and keep the peaceful atmosphere of the Studio. It worked! Until the batteries decided to run down and then I sounded like I was melting. Anyway, nothing that a new pair of double A batteries could fix. It helped me sell more and create more crowd into my studio. LOL cutting edge back in 2002!! Or so I like to think.

Circa 2002 - My artwork has evolved since, I was using oils back then but my color scheme is always bold and vibrant. In 2004 I started using texture and up-cycled materials into my artwork.

Today with advanced resources available I am able to continue doing music. Recently I created a track specially for my online gallery. It is only fair that if we want to be cautious, we cannot go to physical social gatherings yet, but we can do it virtually. And since a gallery should have ambiance, what a better way to enhance it with music and perhaps some crowd noises. So go check it out!

I encourage you to try different mediums, art has so many branches, let's climb them and explore. Live, love, be kind and keep eating art!

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