About Me

I was seven when my mom found me painting over her wedding dress.


Textural Art

I like experimenting by using uncommon mediums, up-cycled materials, found objects, and color.   That is how I create my work. which is mostly textural. 

For the most part, my characters emphasize the idea of no specific gender or race.   Sometimes I specify gender or race when wanting to make a statement about something taboo to general society or if a commission. requires it.

I consider my work tactile for two reasons.

1- I want to include visually challenged people to experience my work.

2- I want people to realize that what they are touching is some material that should be recycled to avoid more pollution into the environment.

Digital Art


I approach Digital Art in the same way I do with up-cycled work.   It's a process of creating visual layers to give depth and make it match what I do analog-wise.  Create a sense of my personality in each piece.

Working digitally has allowed me to find a great way to reduce my carbon footprint, which has been my message through textural work.  It works perfectly for me.

Regardless if it is Analog or Digital, my thought process is attached to a narrative. 

"I don't just paint, I tell a story."

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