I was seven years old when my mother found me painting over her wedding dress, it was a perfect blank surface!

I like experimenting by using uncommon mediums, Up-cycled materials, and color.   That is how I create my work. which is mostly textural. 

My characters for the most part emphasize the idea of no specific gender or race,  sometimes I specify genders when wanting to make a statement about something taboo to general society or if a commission. requires it.

Some of my work is tactile for two reasons.

1- I want to include visually challenged people to experience my work.

2- I want people to realize that what they are touching is some material that should be recycled to avoid more pollution into the environment.

I approach my Digital Art in the same way I do with my Up-cycled work.   Using a process to create layers and textures to bring depth to it. 

Working digitally has allowed me to find a great way to reduce my carbon footprint, which has been my message though my "up-cycled" materials work anyway.  So I say that works perfectly for me.

When creating, my thought process is attached to a narrative.  "I don't just paint, I tell a story."

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